Tuesday, November 09, 2010

procmail, Catalyst, and DBIx

Stuff I am working on recently.


Learned to use procmail to filter my emails. I used procmail and wrote some rules. My recent activity was to create a perl script to do special action once an email is received. This can be greatly helpful to create trigger system for our infrastructure.

A great glue for various tools.


I am learning Catalyst, the MVC based Perl framework for website. It is powerful, but the initial learning curve could be huge. Anyway, I've learned to use the Schema and recordset to generate customized query.


I learned DBIx when I was learning Catalyst. However, I used it in my other scripts, to share the same Schema created for the database. It is a new way of working with database, and I like it.


Some cool tools I am using recently
* ack: a great alternative of "grep".
* pv: display progress in the data pipe.