Wednesday, May 19, 2010

mutt, fetchmail, procmail, and mini_sendmail

In recent days, I've managed to setup mutt, together with fetchmail, procmail, and mini_sendmail in my working environment.

Mutt is my favorite MUA, mail user agent, due to it's simplicity, speed and powerful configuration.
Fetchmail is used to grab mails from pop/imap server and deliver the mails to local directory.
Procmail is used to classify the mails received, based on very flexible regex based rules and actions which are script-able.
mini_sendmail is used as the MTA to contact the SMTP server, for sending email for mutt, if your system's sendmail is not configured as smart host.

The setup of my environment.

Fetchmail's configuration for IMAP server

Procmail's configuration

Mutt configuration