Wednesday, January 13, 2010

udev 150

I've successfully updated udev for our target from 142 to 150 versions. I've added three patches to fix the compile errors. Those patches are introduced because the kernel header used in our toolchain is older than the latest version, like the inotify_init1 system call is not available in our version of toolchain. I have to use the inotify_init system call instead.

Anyway, it works in my first attempt. The old 142 version was ported by an intern, with too much modification to the makefiles/configure scripts. Those patches are 90% of junk, I would say. Anyway, the newer version is more maintainable now.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


I've got udev working on our platform. It's initially ported by an intern, but it seemed not working before he left. The problem was due to the kernel configuration. Once I sorted out the proper kernel configuration, udevd started properly and it works. The ota also worked with the udev. The previous port of udev was udev 142 version, which is rather old. I am porting the 150 version to our system.